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Aiswariya Digital Studio is one of best professionally managed photo studios in Kottayam city, Kerala, engaged in providing a multitude of photography services that include Studio Portraits, Quick Passport Size Photos, Outdoor Photos, Wedding Photos, Function Flash Photos, Modelling Photos, Photo Lamination, Photo Framing, High Quality Digital Videography, Multi-Cam Shooting, Digital Video Editing, Digital & E-Albums etc.

Each moment in life has memorable things which are close to our heart, as the time passes our memories fade, here in Aiswariya Digital Studio, we capture the memories of those special moments. We can capture any moment of joy and happiness with great ease so that they remain as sweet memories with you throughout life.

With more than 5 decades of experience behind the camera, Aiswariya Digital Studio is committed to deliver a unique, expressive portfolio that captures the event's best moments and expressions. We click the images in an unforgettable manner that offers a distinct mark and a fantastic memory of the day. With the help of our high-definition technology, we are able to provide eye-catching images and videos that have exceptional quality, color and clarity.

Passion underlies all that we do and is evident through our compelling images, cutting edge technology and most importantly, through the personalized relationship we hold with each one of our clients. It is a privilege to share with our clients some of the most important moments in their lives. Our images become part of moments of our clients and their family history.

We are working 24/7 to accomplish our mission of becoming a one-stop-shop solution provider in Kottayam city.







Our Speciality Services

We are :

Artists who have gained Traditional Expertise in Still Photography.
Technical Experts who develop live Color Pictures through Digital Photogrtaphy.
Highly skilled still photograhers of cinema making optimal use of Shadow and Light to enhance the appearance of the subject.

Digital Photography Services :-
   Prints can be taken into photographic papers through CD's and pen drives.
   Faded Color photographs or Black & White photographs can be made clear and beautiful without the help of negatives.
   Enlargement and Re-touching of faded and damaged pictures in a superb manner.
   Stamp size photographs enlarged upto 12" x 18" size.
   Arrangements to include or cut short numbers of people in group photos.
   Adding panoramic backgrounds to photgraphs to emphasize emotions.
   Photographs from transparency.
   Album Designing & Photo Lamination.















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